Background Screening Services

Knowing everything about whom you hire reduces turnover, provides a safer workplace and protects your company’s assets.

The right person for the right job creates a positive and safer work environment. Hiring the right person means savings on the cost of turnover, thus improving your company’s bottom line. Trace Investigations will work with you to create a customized screening program which will reflect your hiring needs.

The best way to prevent employee theft begins with an effective pre-employment screening program and background investigation. According to the 2016 Report to the Nations published by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, the typical business organization loses 5 percent of its revenue to fraud each year. The median loss caused by occupational fraud reported in the ACFE study was $150,000, with at least a million-dollar loss reported by over one-fifth of the businesses. The perpetrators of these frauds are employees operating at all levels within an organization, not only production workers but management and executive employees.

The Trace Investigations team of experienced legal investigators, research specialists and intelligence analysts has been providing background investigations and pre-and post-employment screening services to small businesses and larger corporations for over two decades.

Trace Investigations can assist your business by providing:

  • A customized pre-employment screening program;
  • A post-employment investigation for promotion candidates;
  • Routine re-investigations to satisfy regulatory and compliance needs.
  • Regular notifications of changes in state and federal employment laws.

The benefits of an investigation:

  • Reduction of Turnover: The best job applicants are identified in a thorough, timely and reliable manner;
  • Safer Workplace Assured: The best applicant in a job contributes to a positive and safe workplace;
  • Operating Cost Reduced: Better screening practices and procedures are identified;
  • Increased Profit: Profit margins can be impacted upward;
  • Confidence Level Enhanced: Stakeholders or shareholders can be reassured.


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