There are two primary schools of thought on whether multiple professionals and trade practitioners should be licensed. One school says there is too much licensing representing too much government overreach and the other says we need licensing wherever there is regular interaction with the public.

It can be argued that in the last decade we have seen licensing and regulation overreach in some states and by the federal government that could adversely impact job seekers and someone interested in entering a certain trade or profession. However, the licensing of private investigators (PI) and security guard companies (SG) is necessary to protect the public from unscrupulous, predatory and unqualified operators and to provide a necessary level of quality assurance to law firms, corporations, small business owners and the public at large.

There is no economic value to the state or federal governments or to the public at large in the deregulation of the PI and SG sectors, and in fact it is highly probable that deregulation could lead to negative consequences in a substantial increase in consumer frauds and additional burdens on our courts and law enforcement communities.

Private investigation firms and security guard agencies routinely handle or protect sensitive business and personal matters for their clients, which require the use and protection of confidential and proprietary information and the safeguarding of valuable client assets and personnel. In the absence of licensing, any individual could present himself to the public at large as a “private investigator” and make outrageous claims as to what they could do. In the absence of licensing the public would be in constant danger of exploitation by fraudsters, sexual predators, scam artists and the otherwise poorly qualified. Most guard company owners have a law enforcement background and are skilled in the protection of personnel and assets. Without licensing and regulation, individuals without any experience or training could offer guard services, placing the public and business owners in danger.

The states must continue to maintain and improve their licensing standards in the interest of public safety, while allowing business owners the ability to bring job seekers into their ranks and making entry into a profession less burdensome on those who are qualified.

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