Personal injury attorney Jon Singleton’s client was a mother and her young daughter, who had been knocked down and injured when a woman exited from a public building in a hurry and quickly left the scene without offering assistance or phoning an ambulance. Jon asked Trace Investigations to track down the woman, using a license plate captured on a security camera, and establish what assets were available to compensate for the medical expenses and loss of income suffered by his client and her son. We traced the vehicle to a man who lived nearby, who refused to cooperate with our investigation. He denied any responsibility and refused to identify who was driving his car that day. Further investigation led to us identifying his mother as the driver, and we found a witness who had seen her leave the scene of the accident. We developed a financial profile on her and her son, and our client filed suit leading to a settlement before trial.

The investigation assisted our client in winning compensation for the injured mother and her son, offsetting her loss of income and covering all medical expenses. Mother and son eventually recovered from their injuries, without the additional hardship of severe financial loss.

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