Earlier this month I attended a conference in New Orleans, sponsored by the International Association of Security and Investigative Regulators (iasir.org). The IASIR membership is comprised of licensing authorities from several U.S. states, two provinces in Canada and the United Arab Emirates. This year’s conference addressed emergency preparedness and disrupters to the regulated sectors. I was there as the chairman of the Indiana Private Investigator and Security Guard Licensing Board, a position I am honored to hold. In attendance for the first time was a representative of Delegation Interministerielle a la Securite Privee, the French ministry in charge of regulating private security. We can only imagine this gentleman’s thoughts on Friday, the day our conference ended and the day of the terrorist attacks in Paris.

The U.S. and her allies must have a robust response to these attacks, which includes building stronger intelligence “fences” around our enemies, something that has been lacking in recent years. A strong national defense is dependent on actionable intelligence, which includes information gathered through equally vigorous communications and human intelligence resources (known as COMINT and HUMINT in my military intelligence days). I hope our national leaders and allies are rebuilding those fences.

In the day to day operations at Trace Investigations, we are equally dependent on good “intel” to protect our business clients, including property and personnel inside and outside their facilities, as well as their intellectual property. To that end, we now have the capability of building geographic communication fences around prescribed areas, capturing specific electronic communication emitting from those areas. These “geo-fences” are valuable when a client receives threats against a key executive or employee. No privacy laws are being broken. Our program scans open source social media platforms all at once, gathering only actionable intelligence, as determined by keywords and other tags.

We live in a dangerous world around the globe and within our own borders. Strong security measures and proactive intelligence and investigation strategies are critical.

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