Our Affiliations

National Association of Legal Investigators
NALI’s primary focus is to advance the art and science of legal investigation through continuing education on civil and criminal law and technology, providing its members with the tools necessary to benefit their clients’ best interests. Trace Investigations’ owner, Don C. Johnson, CLI, serves on NALI’s executive council.

Professional Background Screeners Association
The Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA) exists to advance excellence in the screening profession.

National Association of Professional Process Servers
NAPPS is an international organization providing resources to members’ clients around the globe in effecting legal service of process.

National Council of Investigation and Security Services
NCISS monitors national and state legislatures and regulatory bodies to provide its members’ protection under the law to benefit their clients’ right to informed decisions and due process. Trace Investigations owner, Don C. Johnson, CLI, previously served on the NCISS board of directors and edited its journal.

National Defender Investigator Association
NDIA “… is the only national organization to represent a constituency dedicated solely to the investigative arm of indigent defense…” for the benefit of public defender attorneys in their quest for equal justice under law.

United States Association of Professional Investigators
USAPI is a like-minded association of public and private investigators providing networking and local resources for its members around the country. Trace Investigations’ founder, Don C. Johnson, CLI, is a charter member of USAPI.

International Intelligence Network (Intellenet)
INTELLENET is an exclusive alliance of experienced professional investigators and security consultants adhering to a code of professional conduct. “Regardless of client needs — regional, national or international –INTELLENET members provide unique services to corporations, law firms, families, individuals and foreign allies.” Trace Investigations’ founder, Don C. Johnson, CLI, serves on INTELLENET’s board of directors and edits its quarterly publication, Intellenet News.

Council of International Investigators
CII supports “…the highest quality professionals in the private investigation business…” by providing continuing education and supporting high standards of conduct so that members may provide greater benefits to clients.

World Association of Detectives
W.A.D. is the longest established association of its kind, promoting cooperation and high standards of practice among its members around the globe, so that members’ clients in all states and nations can better serve their international clients.

Indiana Society of Professional Investigators
INSPI represents the best among the men and women working in Indiana’s licensed professional private investigator and security service sectors. Trace Investigations founder and owner, Don C. Johnson, CLI, is a founding member and past president of INSPI.

Indiana Association of Background Screeners
Our primary mission is to protect the business community and the public at large from adverse legislation that fails to address or incorporate best practice standards when screening job applicants. Since its formation, IABS has been able to influence legislation that recognizes the best practices standard of name-based job applicant screening. Our owner is a founding member of IABS.

Indiana InfraGard Alliance
InfraGard is a joint FBI and private sector enterprise to provide additional protection to the nation’s infrastructure. InfraGard provides situational awareness training to prevent criminal and terrorist activities around the nation.


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