The process of conducting a private, professional investigation incorporates multiple disciplines from the field of science and, even to a greater degree, the creative arts. The private investigator without imagination and creative instincts will be hard-pressed during an investigation to reach appropriate decisions or conclusions based on the evidence derived by the application of scientific techniques. An investigator needs an imagination and creative instincts in the face of a challenging or stalled investigation, in order to unmask an obscure clue or reveal a material misrepresentation in a statement, for example.

Scientific advances in the digital age have assisted investigators in many of the tasks that once required more resources and time or were perhaps out of reach due to financial constraints. However, the art of investigation belongs to no one era, no one technique or protocol. As we’ve written in these pages before, each case writes its own script. A skillful and resourceful investigator will have an open mind when approaching a new case, making no assumptions about the outcome and keeping an open mind as a case proceeds. Although some investigative assignments are accomplished with a minimum application of the science of investigation, other more challenging cases will require thinking “outside the box,” learning from mistakes, and trusting the often unheralded “gut feeling.” This is the art of investigation.

This year Trace Investigations will celebrate its founding 30 years ago. From the beginning, we have offered a range of legal investigation services with the same focus on protecting and serving the vested legal interests of our clients. Whether working on a criminal defense or personal injury investigation, searching for missing heirs to an estate or establishing parental neglect in a family law case, we apply the same care in our work product to ensure that results will withstand the scrutiny of a trier of fact, be it a judge or jury. There are no small cases.

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